Delonix's Winning Strategies in the Thriving Hotel Industry



In recent years, western tourism resources have found an outlet, becoming a new hot spot for tourism. Domestic and international hotel groups see the West as a crucial market to explore, striving to secure a place. What advantages does Delonix have?


The Power of Diversified Brand Excellence

Delonix is particularly adept at seizing new opportunities in the wave of urban renewal. Delonix has opened hotels covering high-end resorts, high-end businesses, mid-to-high-end lifestyles, and mid-range markets, meeting diverse market needs. Brands such as Maison New Century, MJ Hotel, and YiJu Life have made breakthroughs in the southwestern region, including Chengdu and Yibin in Sichuan, demonstrating Delonix's strategic deployment capability.

According to data from HowNet, in the first half of this year, Delonix ranked first in the number of new signings for mid-to-high-end brands in mainland China. The Maison New Century brand achieved a store expansion rate almost equivalent to the entire year of 2022.

Grand New Century ranks first in the domestic high-end hotel brand rankings, holding the top spot for seven consecutive years in the MBI Influential Brand TOP 1 for high-end hotels in China. According to data from the China Hotel Association, the sister brand Maison New Century ranks among the top 10 in market share in the high-end brand market.

Ruby Hotels, with its innovative business model "HOTEL BAR X IP," integrates a 24-hour bar and hotel front desk into a compound lobby. The "room rate   food and wine = high income" model upgrades revenue from the traditional single room fee to a new form of "room fee   consumption," increasing non-room income to 20%. While ensuring a satisfying consumer experience, the compound creation of public spaces enhances hotel efficiency, optimizing operational efficiency and shortening the return period.

The Delonix selection method not only creates value but is also a sustainable way of operation. It looks beyond the next few years, extending the vision to more than a decade, allowing investors to achieve long-term returns and mutual success.


The Five Forces Behind Delonix's Success

In negotiating the challenges of the competitive field, Delonix employs a comprehensive approach through the Five Forces Model. Each force plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's competitive strategy, allowing Delonix to fortify its position in the market.

Brand Force: Delonix prioritizes a "brand-first" approach, shaping its strength through deep communication, professional operations, and industry-leading service reputation. Hotels such as Grand New Century and MJ Hotel, offer a unique value proposition, enhancing consumer perceived benefits.

Product Force: Focusing on architectural design and consumer lifestyle, Delonix ensures a "just right" service experience for both business travel and leisure vacations. The Betterwood membership system serves as a supporting framework, optimizing the overall service experience.

Operational Force: Delonix's robust marketing system, centered on membership development, achieves a night occupancy rate of over 50% through official channels. The Betterwood system achieved this goal by offering unique benefits, addressing online marketing challenges, and ensuring a seamless lifecycle from signing to operation.

Developmental Force: Delonix facilitates investor success by matching them with high-quality properties and guiding projects in the western region from market research to post-operation services. The professional BD team addresses investor concerns, including location selection, finance issues, etc.

Cost-Control Force: Delonix strives to create the industry's "most user-friendly supply chain platform," promoting centralized procurement, brand standards, and streamlined construction processes. Through the integration, Delonix achieves cost advantages, increases efficiency, and shortens the investment return period, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.


Delonix's investment and development campaign has now expanded into the Western Chinese region, speeding up the group's strategic positioning in the Western market. In the near future, this expansion initiative will land in more cities, generating even more substantial commercial value for hotel investments and the hospitality market.