Betterwood Selected as One of the "Top 10 Innovations in the Tourism Industry for 2023"



Recently, Beijing Business Daily and Deep Blue Think Tank jointly published the "2024 Tourism Industry Outlook Report," summarizing innovative cases in the tourism industry in 2023 and selecting 10 of the most representative and influential examples. Among them, Betterwood, under the Delonix Group, was chosen as one of the "Top 10 Innovations in the Tourism Industry for 2023," alongside other cultural and tourism enterprises such as Ctrip, Universal Beijing Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, Huazhu, and BTG Homeinns Hotels, providing the industry with high-quality offerings through innovative products and services.

Betterwood Selected as One of the  

Betterwood Selected as One of the  


Launched by the Delonix Group in 2022, Betterwood introduced a pioneering membership system that calculates member points based on "Length of Stay" rather than the amount of money spent at the hotel. This approach overturns the existing industry system based on monetary value and the traditional membership model of accumulating points for rewards, creating a competitive edge that aligns more closely with the demands of the experience economy era.


Compared to traditional hotel membership systems, Betterwood boasts three innovative features:


1. It breaks away from the traditional "gold standard" of membership systems, where consumer spending determines membership benefits and levels. Instead, it ensures fairness in the value of time spent, with more time spent translating to higher membership points and benefits. This encourages members to invest more time in offline experiences.


2. Core membership benefits are guaranteed. Betterwood innovatively offers five core benefits, including the most optimal member prices, points that never expire, levels that only rise and never fall, free modifications and cancellations, and a stay for ten nights and get one night freepolicy for all brands, thus maximizing the protection of member rights.


3. It enriches the membership experience. Betterwood introduces "special offer," matching users with personalized benefits based on their characteristics, including but not limited to solitude gifts, happy roaming gifts, and Tang-style afternoon tea, thereby enhancing brand perception and covering personalized needs in multiple dimensions.


In November 2023, Betterwood launched a significant "BetterCard," building on the five core benefits by adding member discount benefits, further optimizing the member experience, improving service quality, and driving new growth in membership scale.


According to the latest data, Betterwood's membership has exceeded 30 million, with a growth rate of 65%, demonstrating strong growth momentum.