How Delonix's Offerings Earned Them the 'Most Popular Hotel Brand' at the Golden Pillow Awards



Delonix Group's Grand New Century Hotels has won the "Most Popular Hotel Brand" at the 20th Golden Pillow Awards. The prestigious Golden Pillow Awards was initiated and hosted by the top financial media "21st Century Business Herald" in 2004, and have accompanied the development of the Chinese hotel industry for twenty years. The event annually gathers opinions from senior industry experts and scholars, and combines opinions from online reviews, on-site experiences from professionals, media editors, and online opinion leaders, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the hotel industry from multiple perspectives.



Why did Delonix Group's Grand New Century receive market favor in the "Most Popular Hotel Brand" category for the year 2023? Here are some key factors:



Deeply Embedded Cultural Heritage DNA

In the 1980s, during the exploration phase of urban development in the Yangtze River Delta, Delonix's Grand New Century chose to grow alongside the cities. It joined established hotels like Jianguo Qianmen Hotel in Beijing and White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, contributing to the first wave of high-end hotel popularity.



Grand New Century is one of the few fully Chinese-owned and operated hotel chains with the ability to handle large-scale projects. Drawing inspiration from the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty, Grand New Century embodies traditional Chinese hospitality with core elements such as "Courtesy," "Art," "Drink," "Banquet," and "Rest." It offers a genuine experience of Chinese lifestyle aesthetics and provides thoughtful and diverse culinary experiences, becoming the preferred choice for comprehensive full-service projects.



The Exemplary Service

Established in 2005, Delonix Group's Grand New Century was one of the earliest domestic high-end hotels to align with international standards. Recognizing the need for Chinese-characteristic services, Grand New Century pioneered a Chinese service quality management system, creating the "Hotel Banquet Service Specification."

Based on years of experience, Grand New Century innovated by introducing services like Advanced Banquet Service Specialists and Star Chefs. The Advanced Banquet Service Specialist showcased professional service skills, satisfying the demands of discerning banquet guests. The Star Chef program emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients, blending standardized practices with local innovation and seasonal creativity to promote Chinese culinary culture.

In recent years, Delonix Group's Grand New Century has re-positioned its brand orientation and service standard to align with changing trends in luxury lifestyles. For example, it introduced a personalized 1v1 butler service, providing private and attentive customer relations. With high-quality service, Grand New Century has consistently won the MBI Influential Brand Award for seven consecutive years and has been listed as a top 10 luxury hotel brand on Ctrip's Reputation List.



Outstanding Operations leads to Continuous Expansion

Delonix Group's outstanding operational performance is a key factor in its alignment with JW Marriott Luxury Hotels under the same brand camp. Over the years, Delonix Group's Grand New Century has provided stable profitability, ensuring maximum returns for property owners. This significant advantage has attracted increasing investment from local governments and property investors.

Grand New Century's hotels have played pivotal roles in major events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The Beijing Gehua Grand New Century Hotel, which accommodated more than 3,000 non-registered media reporters during the 2008 Beijing International Media Center, served as a crucial hub for various press conferences covering hot topics in Chinese politics, society, and culture.



As of now, Grand New Century has established 180 hotels with over 50,000 luxury rooms across the country.

During the Labor Day holiday, Grand New Century achieved full occupancy in multiple cities and hotels, with a comprehensive RevPAR increase of 21% compared to the same period in 2019. On April 30th, the average occupancy rate exceeded 98%, and 47 hotels generated a total revenue surpassing one million yuan, with the highest single-hotel total revenue reaching 7 million yuan.

Grand New Century hotels maintained an average occupancy rate of over 70%, with multiple hotels achieving a full occupancy rate for days during the summer season. Five Grand New Century hotels broke the 10-million-yuan mark in monthly revenue. This series of impressive figures sets the tone for Grand New Century to continue expanding its footprint in 2024, with multiple openings and signings. 

Winning the "2023 Most Popular Hotel Brand" at the Golden Pillow Awards is a significant industry recognition. Delonix Group will leverage this achievement to continuously innovate and enrich the Grand New Century brand, creating a luxury business travel experience that exceeds expectations.