Ruby Hotel's European Elegance Meets Southern Charm in Shenzhen and Zhuhai



Ruby Hotels, a legendary social lifestyle hotel brand from continental Europe, boasts 17 establishments in overseas destinations such as Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Ruby has woven a tapestry of unique stories, paying tribute to the classics of the cities it graces across Europe.

However, this captivating narrative doesn't confine itself to the European landscape. Thanks to the visionary efforts of Betterwood, Ruby Hotel has ventured into the Asia-Pacific region, unveiling two exceptional additions in Shenzhen and Zhuhai.

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1. The European Elegance

In 2013, visionary hotelier Michael Struck coined the name Ruby Hotels in Munich, Germany, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey. This journey continued as Ruby Sofie emerged in Vienna, Austria, Ruby expanded its presence to Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and beyond.

From the maritime-inspired Ruby Lilly in Munich to the iconic Ruby Sofie in Vienna, the brand has cultivated a reputation for celebrating the spirit of each city it touches. It has become a favored social vacation lifestyle brand among European youth.

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2. Ruby Hotels in the Asia-Pacific Region

Ruby Hotel has officially introduced the brand to the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, three hotels are officially open in China.

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In the bustling city of Shenzhen, Ruby Columbus has found its home in Shekou, near the famous "Sea World" district. Here, the hotel draws inspiration from the historic and reformative essence of Shekou, creating a haven for guests to experience the charm of the city's adventurous spirit.

Inspired by the legendary tale of Christopher Columbus, Ruby Columbus's lobby features a retro industrial design, maritime and cruise elements in sight, and futuristic dreamlike lightboxes on the walls, all paying homage to Shenzhen and its adventurous pioneers. Recently, Ruby Columbus in Shekou's Sea World received industry recognition as the "Preferred Design Hotel" at the 2023 Hotel Fashion Night, garnering attention in the sector.

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Meanwhile, in the heart of Zhuhai, Ruby Sun graces Yi-Fang-Yun-Ding with its contemporary aesthetic and a nod to Zhuhai's gentle beauty. It inherits the eighth art of the classic era and narrates the local cultural heritage with elegance. Ruby Sun quickly became a famous hotspot for guests and achieved a high rating of 4.8 on Ctrip with its iconic lobby spiral staircase, earning its place as one of the trending check-in spots.


3. Distinctive Features and Amenities

Ruby Hotel prides itself on the new-generation hospitality, introducing the concept of "Lean Luxury."


When guests step into a Ruby Hotel, they enter the Ruby Bar Boutique-style lobby. Every guest, after checking in, receives a complimentary Welcome Drinks special cocktail, initiating a delightful experience of the city's vibrant lifestyle. In addition to serving as a lounge for guests to relax, the Ruby Hotels lobby periodically invites live house bands and DJs for evening performances, providing guests with an extraordinary social life experience.

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At the core of Ruby Hotels' experience is the presentation of the "24/7 RUBY BAR Boutique Bar-style Lobby," fusing the bar and hotel reception into one. Based on the 16 personality types of MBTI, Ruby Bar has crafted 16 innovative flavors of handmade cocktails, gaining popularity among trendsetting young people.

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The all-day restaurant, "Ruby BISTRO Boutique Restaurant," not only offers breakfast for guests but also serves meals, afternoon tea, and dinner in the form of a Bistro restaurant.

ruby 餐厅2.jpg

Drawing inspiration from retro luxury yachts, Ruby Hotels' guest rooms present a pure white aesthetic, in stark contrast to the vibrant and colorful public areas, creating a completely different atmosphere. The aim is to provide guests with the best transition of mood after enjoying music, fine wines, and parties, allowing for complete relaxation and rest in the rooms.

Room amenities include the French luxury SPA fragrance brand - Anne Sémonin custom series, the well-known speaker brand MARSHALL, and original ASMR sleep music from the Ruby Sounds music label, offering a soothing experience for guests' neurons. Additionally, the selected snacks and specialty soft drinks provided in the room's mini-bar are complimentary.


4. Not Everything but The Right Things.

Lean Luxury--"Selecting luxury, but not in excess" has always been the brand philosophy of Ruby Hotels. Upon entering the hotel room, from selection to configuration, every aspect reflects the restrained aesthetics and rich connotations of the German brand. Expanding its horizons beyond Europe, the visionary efforts of Delonix-Betterwood have ushered Ruby Hotel into the Asia-Pacific region, gracing Shenzhen and Zhuhai with exceptional additions.