Bettercard | A New Way to Experience Betterwood's Values



Delonix Group stands as a prominent international hotel and experiential consumer group in the Asia-Pacific region, with Betterwood serving as a pivotal component of its membership system. The Betterwood membership system is the hotel industry's first membership system based on "time" as the value measure. With the development of society, including a brand refresh and the inaugural member brand month, the introduction of Bettercard further enhances member benefits. According to the latest data, the Betterwood membership base has surpassed 30 million.

Recently, Betterwood introduced a discount card named "Bettercard."  This initiative continuously reflects their commitment to optimizing member experiences and elevating service quality.

Bettercard | A New Way to Experience Betterwood's Values 

To cater to different consumption habits, Betterwood introduces three types of discount cards: Explore Card, Stroll Card, and Roam Card.

The Explore Card, priced at only 98 yuan per quarter, attracts new users with a "first-night 50% off" offer, along with core benefits like an 8.1% room discount and a 10% dining discount. The first-night 50% off offer is the most significant discount, applicable to affiliated hotels like Grand New Century, Maison New Century and Ruby Hotels..

The Stroll Card targets moderate-frequency travelers, priced at 298 yuan per year. In addition to the benefits offered by the Explore Card, consumers enjoy additional perks such as a 50% discount on new hotels, a 50% discount on suites, a 50% discount on buffets, and complimentary afternoon tea. Moreover, consumers receive a 7.7% room discount on room reservations.

The Roam Card is designed for high-frequency accommodation consumers and is priced at 688 yuan annually. This card offers the most extensive range of benefits, including a 50% off room voucher upon activation, four 50% off vouchers for new hotels, four 50% off vouchers for suites, three 50% off buffet vouchers, unlimited 7.2% room discounts, unlimited 8.5% dining discounts, and free tea time. Additionally, on Betterwood's member day, surprise  are also available.

Members can conveniently purchase three tiers of cards, each offering different degrees of discounts. Bettercard's online release resulted in a rapid sell-out, with  2 million units.

Bettercard | A New Way to Experience Betterwood's Values 

In the context of member operations becoming a battleground in the hotel industry, Betterwood closely aligns with the trend of experience economy consumption, emphasizing a "long-termist" approach driven by user word of mouth. In the future, Betterwood will bring more interesting and meaningful experiential activities, allowing members to feel that "the time spent on consumption can also become valuable," opening up "another way of life" for consumers.