Ruby Hotels and the New Wave of Travel Experience



As travel becomes the "fifth major consumption demand" in people's daily lives, "individuality," "depth," and "quality" have become keywords for Chinese travelers. The new generation of consumers has a higher aesthetic ability, and they are willing to express their independent aesthetics and lifestyle choices when choosing travel products.

Hotels, undoubtedly, play a crucial role in the travel experience. How can emotions be extended in the space of a hotel to directly reach the hearts and needs of the new generation of consumers? Ruby Hotels has its answer.

Ruby Hotels and the New Wave of Travel Experience 

Lean Luxury Is the Essence of Ruby's Brand Philosophy

Ruby Hotels is a German Lean Luxury lifestyle hotel brand founded in 2013 by hotel founder Michael Struck and his team, all passionate travelers. When they summarized their personal travel experiences, they deeply believed that the most precious aspect of travel lies in exploration and the experience of intimate connection with oneself and the surroundings.

Its predecessor was the historic Sofiensäle Concert Hall, which opened as a public bathhouse in 1838. Due to its excellent acoustics, it was used as a venue for balls and concerts in winter.

Since its founding in 2013 in Germany, the Ruby Hotels brand has been considered a representative of the new wave of hotel brands in Europe. It has gained popularity in the European market with its innovative business model, brand philosophy, and product design.

Ruby Hotels and the New Wave of Travel Experience 

The Inclusive Community Vibes

Because of a high familiarity and participation in socializing and communities from an early age, the new generation of consumer groups is not limited to simple accommodation demands. They value communication with local cultures, enjoy self-expression, and seek travel partners with shared values and resonant ideas, willing to spend more for high-quality, unique experiences.

At the heart of Ruby Hotels lies a social pulse, seamlessly intertwining bar configurations and hotel decor with its inherent community inclusivity. The 24-hour boutique bar, aptly named "Ruby 24," serves as a dynamic hub where guests can savor a Gin & Tonic, marking the beginning of a journey into the Ruby Style of living.

Ruby Hotels and the New Wave of Travel Experience 

Venturing into the rooms, the meticulous attention to detail continues. Inspired by European retro luxury yachts, Ruby Hotels carefully curates each room with a blend of light oak and solid wood, fostering a sense of warmth and sophistication. From the symmetrical visual designs to the vintage Marshall speakers and the infusion of Ruby Care amenities, the rooms embody the brand's commitment to Lean Luxury and personalized comfort.

The hotel's community-centric approach extends to its design, turning public spaces into accessible realms for social interaction. The integration of vintage furniture, long chandeliers, and white wall coverings narrates a story of 150 years, providing guests with a unique and nostalgic experience. "Space subtraction, experience addition" is the embodiment of Ruby Hotels as a lifestyle and spatial brand.

Ruby Hotels and the New Wave of Travel Experience 

Ruby Hotels offers a fresh hotel experience, embodying the brand philosophy of Lean Luxury that seamlessly combines exquisite design, comfortable spaces, and a social atmosphere to meet the personalized, deep, and quality travel needs of the new generation of consumers. The charm of Ruby Hotels lies not only in its preservation of historical allure and cultural richness but also in the infusion of modern creativity and vitality, allowing every guest to experience the allure of Ruby's Style of living. As an inclusive community, Ruby Hotels welcomes travelers from diverse backgrounds and interests, providing a platform for communication and sharing, allowing them to find resonance and inspiration during their journeys. Ruby Hotels is not just a hotel brand; it is a lifestyle and attitude that adds meaning and fun to the travel experience.