Betterwood's Immersive Membership Feast and Brand Evolution



  Betterwood is the membership system under the luxurious Hotels brand Delonix Group,it has made a distinctive move by organizing a face-to-face gathering for nearly a hundred members.This not only marks a breakthrough in the digital era but also introduces an innovative"trial"in the industry.Amidst this groundbreaking initiative,how does Betterwood build a unique"brand experience"through hotel setting design?Additionally,how does it harness deep operational strategies to propel membership growth?


  The 72-Hour Membership Feast

  Brand Month is a series of in-depth experience activities jointly launched by Betterwood,establishes deeper dialogues,collisions,and connections with members through face-to-face interactions.Members can apply for event slots through the Betterwood App or directly redeem them using 7,000 time points(loyalty points),enjoying a complimentary 3-day,2-night cultural feast.

  The willingness of hotel groups to invest heavily in inviting members to offline events is a noteworthy reflection of Betterwood's emphasis on the"offline"experience.

  In the wave of the experience economy,offline scenes have become an efficient way to connect with users,especially in building effective offline experiential scenes.These periodical events are designed to enhance communication with users through layered surprises and offerings,effectively establishing a mental connection with consumers.

  From this perspective,Betterwood's innovative approach,rooted in cultural exploration,combining local features and qualities to create a novel,immersive local cultural experience,serves as an innovative template for hotel brand experience creation.

Brand Evolution

  The Winning Strategies in the Experience-Driven Business Landscape

  With the dynamic Z-generation dominating consumer trends,the demand for experiences driven by"resonance"and"experience-only"is becoming more evident.In hotels during travels,it is no longer just a place to rest but an opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in emotions,a sublimation of poetry and distant horizons.

  The commitment to resonating with the new trends is reflected in Betterwood's decision to break away from the traditional method of calculating points based on the consumption amount.Instead,it innovatively introduces a points system based on the"duration of stay"and promises member retention and points validity.

  In the era of experiential consumption,Betterwood is creatively approaching users with warmth,starting from the"heart"towards consumers and bring the news towards the industry.For instance,it introduces five core benefits,including the best member booking prices,perpetual validity of member points,only upgrading member levels without demotion,free cancellation before 24:00 on the day of check-in,and free redemption of a room night for every ten nights stayed,open to all members without thresholds.

  How Betterwood Drives Membership Growth

  With"experiential consumption"becoming a new driver for sales growth in the hotel industry,Betterwood has been actively upgrading its membership systems in recent years to align with the new trend.

  While concepts like effective brand marketing,improving facilities,enhancing service quality,and elevating customer experience are common answers provided by almost every hotel.However,Betterwood pays more and more attention to facilitate effective conversion between"traffic"and"retention."

  Betterwood transforms from a reservation system to an experiential platform,returning to the essence of real offline experiences.The"Stay Ten Nights,Get One Free"benefit is an industry-first approach,has garnered high praise from consumers.

Immersive Membership Feast

  Meanwhile,betterwood also pays attention to expansive development under the versatile business model.It is actively deploying various new business formats,creating an environment not confined to hotel formats.

  For instance,starting from hotels and extending to various industries such as outstanding dining,role-playing board games,and quality education.This approach might lead to an entirely different business value,profit model,and valuation model for Betterwood.


  As of November 2023,Betterwood has achieved remarkable success,surpassing 30 million members and achieving a substantial growth rate of 65%,reflecting its robust momentum.The Betterwood app and mini-program boast nearly 1 million monthly active users,while loyal members have amassed an impressive 11,000 hours of consumption experience at Betterwood.Distinguished as one of the select membership systems consistently incorporating the core concept of experiential consumption into its guidelines,Betterwood strategically employs deep operational strategies to drive and sustain its impressive membership growth.