Celebrating Delonix - A Year of Triumphs and Commitments



In 2023, Delonix Group continued to expand its horizons, striving to become a leading international hotel and experiential consumer group in the Asian-Pacific region. The business footprint extended nationwide to 1,400 hotels, with over 200,000 rooms. The Betterwood membership system surpassed 30 million members, and website channels contributed over 50% of the business. The most avid members have accumulated a total of 11,000 hours of experiences. As we bid farewell to 2023, Delonix Group takes pride in a year filled with remarkable achievements and unwavering commitments.

Celebrating Delonix - A Year of Triumphs and Commitments 

Triumphs and Recognition

In 2023, Delonix Group's relentless pursuit of excellence garnered prestigious accolades, solidifying its position as a leader in the hospitality and experiential consumer industry. Notable awards include:

·Annual Popular Hotel Group by Meituan

·2023 Popular Hotel Brand by Douyin (TikTok)

·Best Close Cooperation Partner by Ctrip Travel

·Top 60 Chinese Hotels by China Tourism Hotel Industry Association

·Leading Service Group in China by Golden Key

·Annual Best Hotel Group by InTravel

·High-Quality Growth Brand by New Wave New Consumption

·Best Service Experience Group by Zhonghui

·Best Cultural Tourism Accommodation Development Group by China Cultural Tourism Consumption Dragon and Phoenix Awards Committee

·Top 60 Chinese Hotel Group Scale by MaiDian Research Institute

These awards reflect that the success of Delonix Group is not only acknowledged within the industry but is also appreciated and supported by a vast consumer base. It is a proof of Delonix Group's outstanding performance and leading position in the hotel and experiential consumer industry, showcasing its brand influence and customer recognition. Delonix Group is committed to delivering high-quality services and products, creating unique travel destinations and experiences that cater to the diverse needs and expectations of various types of travelers. A more entertaining, diverse, and integrated Betterwood is growing gradually.

Celebrating Delonix - A Year of Triumphs and Commitments 

Significant Moments

In 2023, Delonix Group strategically expanded its reach through key partnerships and notable achievements, solidifying its leadership in the hospitality sector.

July 11 - Indonesia IHI Collaboration:

Delonix Group entered a strategic alliance with Indonesia IHI, strategically positioning itself in the high-growth Indonesian market. This move showcased the group's global ambitions and foresight.

September 13 - Domestic Recognition:

Securing the top spot domestically, Delonix Group led among domestic hotel groups. 20 hotels from the group's portfolio earned "must-stay recognition", setting the standard for exceptional hospitality.

September 23 - Hangzhou Asian (Para) Games Hosting:

Delonix Group played a pivotal role during the Hangzhou Asian (Para) Games, hosting guests across 8 designated hotels. As official reception hotels, this showcased the group's international capabilities and commitment to major global events.

October 23 - Betterwood Membership Rebranding:

Delonix Group rebranded its membership system to "Betterwood," a strategic move to enhance brand experiences and meet evolving consumer expectations.

December 14 - Grand New Century's "Golden Pillow" Prize:

The pinnacle moment of the year occurred on December 14 when Grand New Century received the "Golden Pillow" prize for being the most popular hotel brand in 2023. This accolade highlighted the group's dedication to provide exceptional services and unforgettable experiences.

Celebrating Delonix - A Year of Triumphs and Commitments 

Heartwarming Moments

Beyond business triumphs, Delonix Group actively embraced ESG principles, contributing to a more inclusive and sustainable future:

Inclusive Hotels: During the Asian Para Games, Delonix Group's hotels underwent significant accessibility renovations.

Employment of Disabled Individuals: Employees from Grand New Century served as torchbearers during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Celebrating Delonix - A Year of Triumphs and Commitments 

Rural Revitalization Landmarks: Over 200 rural tourism resort projects, with a total investment of nearly 30 billion yuan, showcased Delonix's commitment to rural development.

Conservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage: The Yu’s Museum, a joint effort with the Dayu Foundation, introduced traditional culture through exhibits and more.

Eco-Friendly Building: The Hangzhou Wonderland Resorts adopted eco-friendly practices, reducing construction site waste by 75%.

Celebrating Delonix - A Year of Triumphs and Commitments 

Delonix Group looks forward to working together to create a more beautiful, friendly, and livable experiential consumer space, driven by the motto of "Creating more humane, valuable innovations." Join in celebrating a year filled with achievements, and together, let's look forward to creating an even more extraordinary future