Ruby Hotel's Social Elegance and Premium Offerings



As travel becomes the 'fifth essential' for people, keywords like 'individuality,' 'depth,' and 'quality' have become crucial for Chinese travelers. The new generation of consumers has a higher aesthetic sense and is willing to express their independent taste and lifestyle in the process of choosing travel products. Hotels are undoubtedly a vital part of the travel experience, so how can they evoke emotions and cater to the needs of the new generation of consumers? Ruby Hotel has its answers.


Ruby Hotel's European Heritage and History

Lean Luxury is Ruby's brand philosophy. Ruby Hotels is a German Lean Luxury lifestyle hotel brand founded by travel enthusiasts, including founder Michael Struck. Since its establishment in Germany in 2013, Ruby Hotels has been considered a new-generation brand that redefines traditional luxury in Europe, their love for deep exploration and the desire to create a unique travel experience set the foundation for Ruby Hotel's brand identity.

'Simplify the space, enhance the experience' is the embodiment of Ruby Hotels as a lifestyle and space brand. Ruby retains the vibrant and avant-garde design of the 'Ruby 24' themed lobby (combining the hotel reception, café, and 24-hour bar) while reducing unnecessary elements. They offer classic, high-quality sleeping spaces, healthy breakfast options, and central locations to feel the pulse of the city.

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Social, Encounters, and Inspiration

The new generation of consumers values interaction, self-expression, and finding like-minded travel companions. They seek hotels that are closely connected to local communities and engage with local culture. Ruby Hotel doesn't just provide accommodations; it fosters a sense of community and interaction.

Ruby Hotels extend their services to the surrounding community, making their spaces open and accessible to locals and guests alike. They host events and parties, attracting artists, musicians, and designers to create a sense of community. Ruby also guides guests to explore the local neighborhood, experience community culture, and live like locals, enhancing the depth of their travel experience.

The history of Ruby Sofie in Vienna dates back to the 19th century when it served as a public bathhouse and a renowned music hall where artists like Johann Strauss and Franz Liszt performed. After a transformation, Ruby Sofie became one of Vienna's most popular new-style hotels, combining classical and contemporary design elements.

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Timeless Elegance in Every Corner

Whether you're in Ruby Lilly in Munich, Ruby Leni in Düsseldorf, or Ruby Marie in Vienna, you'll be surrounded by a captivating mix of retro and modern elements, creating a unique atmosphere. Even the smallest details in the rooms, such as mirrors, switches, and lighting, are carefully designed to match the hotel's theme. From Marshall speakers to unique room fragrances, every aspect of the room is thoughtfully designed to transport you to a different era.

Ruby Hotels prioritize their guests and offer high-quality services while incorporating the unique aesthetic of the city into their hotel designs. Each Ruby hotel pays tribute to the classic era of its location and infuses that era's aesthetics into its design.

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Ruby's Global Reach

In 2021, Ruby launched exciting new projects in various locations. Ruby Louise in Frankfurt is inspired by Louise Rothschild and the aesthetics of a specific era, while Ruby Ella in Düsseldorf was influenced by the city's history as a popular comedy studio. Ruby Luna, housed in a former bank office building, draws inspiration from both retro and futuristic concepts.

Ruby also partners with leading global VIP travel service platforms, to create Ruby Lounge at Beijing Capital Airport, offering a unique 1920s Beijing fashion theme. This collaboration blends retro music, intriguing design, and cultural events, bringing modern travelers an unforgettable experience.

Ruby Hotels' key features include 24-hour cocktails, German bathrooms, Marshall speakers, 24-hour music radio, and a perfect blend of style, avant-garde, retro, safety, comfort, and quality. Each Ruby hotel has its own captivating story, combining elements of the local community and culture. Ruby is continually expanding its brand and lifestyle across the world, ensuring that you can meet Ruby in more corners of the globe.

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Ruby Hotel's commitment to Lean Luxury, European heritage, and a vibrant social atmosphere sets it apart as a brand that caters to the new generation of travelers. The blend of classic and contemporary elements, and the dedication to providing a unique experience make Ruby Hotel a preferred choice for those seeking a travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary. With its expanding global reach, Ruby Hotel continues to inspire and satisfy the evolving needs of modern travelers.