The Transformed Membership System Betterwood , Surpassing 30 Million in Scale



Membership stands as the coveted battleground for expansion in the hotel industry. It not only manages existing customer bases but also continually attracts new users, forming a marketing loop from online interest to offline consumption. Delonix Group, a leading international hotel conglomerate in the Asia-Pacific region, has recently made significant moves in its membership system. On October 23, Delonix Group officially announced the revitalization of its membership system as 'Betterwood,' further emphasizing the 'experience consumption' label. The latest data reveals that Betterwood's membership has surpassed 30 million.


What is Betterwood?

Betterwood, a membership system offered by Delonix Group, is designed to reward customers based on the duration of their stays at the group's hotels and resorts. Compared to traditional hotel loyalty programs, Betterwood offers three major innovations:

1. Rethinking Loyalty Points:

Instead of following the conventional method of calculating loyalty points based on the amount spent, Betterwood takes a novel approach. It introduces an entirely new standard for measuring member value by using 'stay duration' as the basis for awarding loyalty points. In this membership system, these points are referred to as 'Time Credits,' encouraging customers to invest their time in experiencing Delonix Group's offerings. This groundbreaking shift aligns perfectly with the current trend of experience-driven consumption, where the focus is on creating memorable moments rather than just financial transactions.

2. The Five Core Membership Benefits:

Betterwood introduces a set of five core benefits that maximize member privileges. These include:

Optimal Room Pricing: Members enjoy the best pricing for room reservations, ensuring they get the most value for their money.

Time-Based Points: The loyalty points, referred to as 'Time Credits,' never expire, emphasizing the idea that every moment spent with Betterwood holds value.

Only Upgrading, Never Downgrading: Member status always moves upward, never downward, ensuring that every experience is better than the last.

Flexible Same-Day Cancellation: Need to adjust your plans? No problem. Betterwood allows free reservation cancellations up to 24 hours before check-in.

Free Nights Across All Brands: The 'Stay Ten, Get One Free' benefit is an industry first, deeply appreciated by members. For a mere 7000 Time Credits (equivalent to staying ten nights and accumulating the required points), members can redeem a complimentary night's stay at any Betterwood brand, breaking the tradition of single-brand point redemption and covering the price differential for a diverse and enhanced member experience.

3. Enriching Member Experience Play:

Betterwood introduces an innovative feature known as 'Artifacts' or 'Treasures.' These are personalized and customized benefits based on the user's preferences and characteristics. These tailored benefits enhance the brand perception, catering to diverse and individualized consumer demands, enriching the overall member experience, and reinforcing Betterwood's presence in the industry.


Is Betterwood's Growth Remarkable?

Experiencing a significant surge in membership within a mere two years, Betterwood's loyalty program has unmistakably demonstrated its outstanding effectiveness.

1. Growth in Membership: A Testament to Success

In just two years, the membership base has surged past the 30 million mark, representing a remarkable 65% growth rate. This isn't just a number; it's a testament to the system's effectiveness. With nearly 1 million monthly active users on the Betterwood app and mini-program, it's clear that members are actively engaging with the platform.

2. The Loyalty That Pays Off

Members are not just accumulating points; they're building unforgettable memories. In a recent analysis, loyal Betterwood members have collectively spent over 11,000 hours experiencing the brand. This level of engagement and loyalty is a clear indicator of the system's success in creating a meaningful connection with its users.

3. A Golden Contribution

During the recent Chinese National Day holiday, Betterwood's official channels contributed to over 50% of the bookings in their hotels. This further emphasizes the impact and popularity of the membership system among consumers.



Betterwood membership system emphasizes experience over expenditure, offering innovative features like time-based loyalty points, five core membership benefits, and personalized 'Artifacts.' In just two years, the system's membership has surpassed 30 million, reflecting a substantial 65% growth rate. This remarkable success is a testament to its effectiveness in creating meaningful connections with users. As Betterwood continues to thrive, it stands as a pioneer in the market, catering to the diverse and individualized demands of modern consumers while enhancing their overall stay experience.