Harmonious Lifestyle : The Design DNA of MJ Hotel



Delonix's Group believes that every journey is a search for something new—a new city, a new landmark, new experiences, and a different atmosphere. Within the heart of urban landscapes, they aspire to craft sanctuaries where individuals can momentarily escape the hustle and bustle, unwinding to reconnect with the pure bliss, liberty. With this vision in mind, Delonix's Group introduces MJ Hotel, a novel hotel brand focused on a light and fashionable lifestyle.


MJ Hotel is not just a place to stay; it's a manifestation of the "brand-led" philosophy, offering a unique blend of contemporary style and a leisurely lifestyle. This concept perfectly aligns with the desires of urban dwellers seeking a warm and comfortable haven for relaxation.

Catering to the demands of the new generation of consumers, MJ Hotel takes a holistic approach from spatial design to service curation, prioritizing user experience to provide consumers with a MJ Hotel that truly resonates with their preferences.


Song Dynasty Aesthetics in MJ Hotel Design

The design language of the new generation MJ Hotel rooms cleverly incorporates the aesthetic of the Song Dynasty, creating an elegant space that reflects the relationship between humans and nature. Inspired by the painting "Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" by Song Dynasty artist Wang Ximeng, the rooms feature a color palette of "stone blue and stone green," creating a vibrant and memorable brand identity.


The use of Song Dynasty wall paintings as room decor, with just the right amount of white space, creates a canvas-like background that encompasses a myriad of possibilities. The furniture, with its light and elegant design, not only enhances visual aesthetics but also ensures comfort for guests.


Exceptional Operations and Services

At the core of MJ Hotel's identity lies a profound commitment to offering more than just accommodation. MJ hotel goes above and beyond by placing a strong emphasis on cultural experiences and personalized satisfaction in its operations and services. The staff undergoes training to not only meet the standard expectations of hospitality but also to provide insights into the local culture, enabling them to offer a more enriching experience for guests seeking to immerse themselves in the destination's heritage.


Internal Enhancements -- The Innovations in Comfort and Technology

In addition to external beauty, MJ Hotel's new generation products focus on internal enhancements. The hotel rooms have undergone a comprehensive smart upgrade, aiming to improve guest experience and operational efficiency.


The integration of the RCU intelligent guest control system unifies the control of room temperature, lighting scenes, and room status, making the one-touch scene transition a standard feature. Furthermore, the use of a three-network-in-one technology for telephone, TV, and wireless internet services efficiently caters to guest needs. To ensure a comfortable stay, MJ Hotel has invested in the research and development of beddings, shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and slippers, all in direct contact with the guest's skin. The introduction of 28cm thick zero-pressure spring mattresses, zero-pressure cotton, and 80-thread count cotton bed linens guarantees a high-quality and comfortable sleeping experience. Additionally, electric curtains are now a standard feature in MJ Hotel rooms, allowing guests to welcome the morning sunlight and start a new "MJ Hotel Life." Collaborations with renowned natural bath product brands bring tea extract essence for a refreshing and pure experience.


From the visionary "brand-led" philosophy to the enchanting incorporation of Song Dynasty aesthetics in room design, MJ Hotel offers a transcendent experience that goes beyond traditional accommodation. Emphasizing cultural immersion and personalized satisfaction in its operations, MJ Hotel caters to the diverse desires of today's travelers. Furthermore, the internal enhancements, blending cutting-edge technology with comfort, showcase a commitment to elevating the guest experience. Beyond a Lodge, MJ Hotel is a sanctuary where every detail is meticulously crafted to create an oasis of warmth, comfort, and contemporary elegance.