Delonix--The Hospitality Game Changer with Its Innovative Talent Strategy



Recently,  In authoritative media reports, Betterwood has pioneered a groundbreaking approach by calculating member points based on "length of stay." This innovative strat egy has led to a remarkable 65% increase in membership and a substantial scale exceeding 30 million, validating its revolutionary underlying logic. It aligns closely with the trend of "experience-based consumption," catering to the genuine needs of consumers and establishing a distinct competitive edge within the industry.

What sets Delonix apart in the hotel industry? What fuels Delonix's continuous innovation and the disruption of industry conventions? And have bestowed the label of "Game Changer" from the peers. It seems that all the answers to these questions can be found in the people who have joined Delonix over the recent years.


Delonix's Unique Talent Strategy

Delonix, as a company primarily focused on offline consumer experiences, boasts an unusual characteristic – a high proportion of its workforce is composed of software engineers and IT experts. In fact, nearly one-third of Delonix's headquarters staff are involved in research and development, with two-thirds of them having backgrounds from major tech companies. This may raise the question: why does a company primarily operating in the hotel industry have such a high concentration of programmers and IT experts?

The answer lies in Delonix's commitment to leveraging IT and technology to drive innovation within the hospitality sector. During its early days, especially during the founding of "7 Days Inn," Delonix utilized IT to establish the first central reservation system (CRS) in the Chinese hotel industry. This move helped it become one of the fastest-growing economy hotel chains in the country.

According to Delonix, IT technology serves two key purposes. Firstly, it enables the rapid replication of similar processes, and secondly, it facilitates the efficient management of diverse operations.


Continuous User-Centric Innovation

Delonix's operational, product, and R&D teams continually engage in user research. They actively communicate with customers, hotel staff, and industry professionals. This iterative process involves constant updates, optimization, and debugging.

This combination of innovative technology and a people-centric approach has led to the successful transformation of Betterwood into a game-changing membership system. The results have been outstanding, with nearly one million monthly active users on the Betterwood app and mini-program.


Delonix's Unique Brand Creation Team

Delonix's commitment to innovation extends to the creation of a dedicated Brand Creation Department, consisting of cross-disciplinary talents from various fields such as internet technology, consulting, and brand marketing. This approach is distinctive in the hotel industry and demonstrates Delonix's focus on shaping the future of branding.

The People Behind Delonix's Success

Delonix's journey and its future are intrinsically linked to the people behind the company. They share common attributes: a love for challenges, an unconventional approach, and an interesting perspective. Delonix values these characteristics more than technical skills, prioritizing qualities like dedication and the ability to face adversity.

This unique approach translates to a flexible working environment where individuals are encouraged to work across different fields or with a competitive mindset, enabling the efficient creation of value within a shorter timeframe.


Delonix's Impressive Milestones

Delonix's efforts have not gone unnoticed, with numerous accolades and recognitions from consumers, investors, and the media. It currently ranks 16th among global hotel groups, holds the top position in terms of mid-range and upscale brand signings in the Greater China region, and is the only domestic brand listed in the top 10 luxury hotel brands on popular review platforms.

Delonix has also committed itself to expanding its international presence. In July of this year, it entered into a strategic partnership with IHI, Indonesia's largest hotel management and investment platform. This move expanded its commercial footprint to nearly 1,400 hotels and close to 200,000 rooms in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Delonix's innovative Betterwood membership system, propelled by its IT Talent-driven strategy and user-centric innovation, has earned it the well-deserved title of "Game Changer." With a strong focus on brand creation and a workforce characterized by their resilience, unconventional thinking, and dedication, Delonix continues to surpass industry norms and accumulate impressive milestones. As it expands its international presence, Delonix's ability to adapt and its relentless pursuit of excellence position it as a transformative force in the market of hospitality.