Ruby Hotels' Innovative Approach to Hospitality



Discerning travelers are in pursuit of much more than a mere respite for their weary heads. Nowadays, travelers aspirations transcend the conventional and seek to transcend the boundaries of traditional accommodation. They yearn for more than a temporary sanctuary; They crave unique and enriching experiences that leave lasting memories. This quest for more than the mundane has fueled a growing demand for accommodations that go beyond the basics. The Ruby Hotels have heeded this call, redefining the very essence of luxury travel.


The Essence of Luxury

Ruby Hotels embrace the concept of 'Lean Luxury,' a philosophy that places value on the essentials and eliminates the unnecessary. Luxury, in the eyes of Ruby Hotels, is not defined by opulence but by the ability to innovate and enhance the core elements of the guest experience. With an emphasis on personalized touches and thoughtfully designed spaces, Ruby Hotels provide a luxury that transcends the traditional.

From the moment you step into a Ruby Hotel, you'll notice the attention to detail. The carefully curated interiors, blending modern aesthetics with a touch of vintage charm, create an atmosphere of sophistication. This commitment to design excellence is evident in every corner of the hotel, making you feel like you've stepped into a world of refined taste and style.


The Social Aspect

One of the unique features of Ruby Hotels is their ability to cater to the social needs of today's travelers. While some seek solitude, others yearn for vibrant interactions. Ruby Hotels have mastered the art of providing both experiences.

In the communal areas, you'll find multifunctional spaces designed to encourage interaction. The bar area, for instance, is not just a place to grab a drink; it's a hub for socializing, where guests can connect over crafted cocktails and share stories of their travels. Ruby Hotels have managed to strike the perfect balance between social and intimate, catering to the diverse preferences of their guests.


Rediscover Your Wanderlust

The beauty of Ruby Hotels lies not only in their exquisite interiors but also in their commitment to city exploration. They encourage guests to don the hat of an urban explorer and embark on a journey of discovery. Each Ruby Hotel is thoughtfully designed to tell the untold stories of the city it resides in.

Whether you're staying at the Ruby Marie Hotel in Vienna, which remould from a century-old department store, or the Ruby LILLY Hotel in Munich, inspired by a famous love story, you'll find that every Ruby Hotel has a unique narrative to share. These narratives not only add character to the stay but also serve as a gateway to understanding the local culture and history.


Innovative Business Model

Ruby Hotels have introduced an innovative business model. They have combined the hotel lobby with the bar area, creating a seamless flow between check-in and socializing. This 'room rate   dining & drinks' model has increased non-room revenue to 20%, enhancing the overall guest experience.

With an emphasis on maximizing space efficiency and operational effectiveness, Ruby Hotels have managed to maintain high-quality standards while optimizing operating costs. Their rooms are designed with an average size of 20-35 square meters, ensuring that guests enjoy a comfortable and luxurious stay without the extravagance of oversized suites.


As we navigate through a rapidly evolving hospitality landscape, Ruby Hotel's 'Lean Luxury' philosophy marries innovation with essential elements, creating opulence through meticulous design. Ruby Hotels offer not just accommodations but immersive journeys filled with cultural narratives, whether in Vienna's repurposed century-old department store or Munich's love-inspired Ruby LILLY Hotel. With a unique 'room rate   dining & drinks' model, they have elevated non-room revenue to 20%, ensuring a remarkable and efficient guest experience. With a commitment to personalized experiences, social engagement, and a focus on the core elements of luxury, Ruby Hotels are setting the standard for the future of hospitality.