Delonix Group's Influence on Asian Games and The City's Landscape



The 19th Asian Games have recently taken the world by storm, with the spotlight on Hangzhou, the main host city。Delonix Group, which has grown in tandem with the city, has also garnered attention. The hotels under its brand played a significant role in providing outstanding hospitality services throughout the Asian Games.


Delonix Group's Impact on the City Ecosystem

In the context of the Asian Games and the city's development, an ecosystem comprises various components, including the political, commercial, and cultural environment. A hotel brand's contribution to this ecosystem is profound and long-lasting.

The Asian Games, a colossal international sporting event, not only brings together athletes and nations but also has a profound impact on the host city. As cities strive to present their best face to the world, they carefully select partners to contribute to their success. The choice of hotels, like those under Delonix Group, reveals a deeper consideration of the city's evolving landscape.

Among the official reception hotels for the Hangzhou Asian (Para) Games, Delonix Group boasts the presence of 8 hotels, many of which have earned recognition as local benchmark establishments. These include the Hangzhou Boao Grand New Century Hotel, Tonglu Grand New Century Hotel, Hangzhou Zhe Maison New Century, and Hangzhou Olympics Grand New Century Hotel, among others.

The reason behind Delonix Group's multiple hotels achieving benchmark status in the East China region can be attributed to two primary factors. First, the two brand pillars, the Grand New Century Hotel and the Maison New Century Hotel, have strategically established a strong presence in the East China market.

Benefiting from the initial surge in high-end hotel developments, these two brands garnered substantial recognition in the East China market. Consequently, premium properties in the region often prioritize these well-known brands, facilitating a swift overcoming of initial performance challenges for the hotels.

The second factor contributing to Delonix Group's brand success lies in the accumulated performance and reputation built over the years. In the East China market, a number of property owners with projects in the same high-traffic commercial areas have opted for Delonix Group's hotel brands. For example, the globally renowned East China International Plaza, one of the world's top ten twin towers, is home to both the Grand New Century Hotel and the Maison New Century Hotel brands. This dual presence has led to not only impressive revenue figures but also an excellent reputation, showcasing the symbiotic relationship between performance and reputation.


Delonix Group's History with Hangzhou

Delonix Group's connection with Hangzhou dates back nearly two decades. The group's hotels have not only been witnesses to Hangzhou's rapid development but have also actively contributed to it. For example, Hangzhou's Delonix Group-managed hotel, towering 47 stories high at 218 meters, redefined the city's skyline.

Beyond the physical presence, these hotels attract visitors, creating more demand and stimulating the growth of local business districts. Over time, the areas surrounding the hotel matured into thriving commercial districts, making the district a prominent business hub.


Service Beyond Standards

A hotel's role is to embody the city's hospitality, welcoming and treating guests with exceptional care. Delonix Group has set a new standard in city hospitality by offering a variety of unique services and experiences.

These services go beyond the ordinary. For example, their 'High-End Banquet Service Team' brings a touch of professionalism and ambiance to events, having served major conferences like the G20 Hangzhou Summit. They also offer a 'Star Chef' experience, celebrating Chinese culinary culture.


Showcasing Urban Culture

Delonix Group, with its brands like Grand New Century Hotel and MJ hotel, understands the essence of a city's culture. They have incorporated elements of Chinese culture into their services, bringing a touch of the city's heritage into the guest experience.

This focus on Chinese culture is especially important during events like the Asian Games, where a global audience experiences the host city's unique characteristics.


As the 19th Asian Games take center stage in Hangzhou, the significance of Delonix Group and its collection of remarkable hotels in shaping the city's ecosystem cannot be overstated. These hotels have seamlessly integrated into the evolving landscape of Hangzhou, becoming both landmarks and catalysts for urban development. Their commitment to excellence and unique services, and the infusion of Chinese culture into the guest experience contribute to the city's identity during global events like the Asian Games, leaving a remarkable and lasting impact on both the city and its guests.