Fostering Deeper Emotions,Ruby Hotels Creates a Hotel Art Sanctuary for Travelers



Compared to foreign hotel brands like those from the United States and Thailand, which have been thriving in the Chinese market, German hotels may appear relatively understated, both in terms of business scale and the number of brands. However, the retro elegance, avant-garde design, and the harmonious resonance with German culture in these hotels exude a sense of high luxury that often attracts those seeking a unique and distinct living experience.

缔结更深情感,Ruby Hotels瑰宝酒店为旅行者打造酒店艺术圣地

Based on these factors, the Delonix Group established a joint venture company with the headquarters of the German hotel brand Ruby Hotels in 2018, known as "Ruby Hotels Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd." This joint venture is responsible for the comprehensive development of Ruby Hotels in the Asia-Pacific region. Ruby Hotels is a German Lean Luxury lifestyle hotel brand founded in Germany in 2013. In 2014, the first Ruby hotel opened in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

Currently, Ruby Hotels has signed contracts for over 30 projects in the Greater China region, with projects located in key cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhuhai, Chengdu, and others. The first batch of hotels is set to open in early 2023.

A fusion of cultures, an immersive sensory art sanctuary

In the design of Ruby Hotels, the brand philosophy of Ruby is consistently integrated. Ruby Hotels excels in using space to tell stories, and through the medium of hotels, Ruby Hotels aspires to create a travel environment that is uniquely styled, exuding quality and a sense of proportion, while inspiring inspiration and creativity.

缔结更深情感,Ruby Hotels瑰宝酒店为旅行者打造酒店艺术圣地

Building upon the foundation of traditional luxury hotels while eliminating excess, Ruby Hotels seamlessly blend modern elegance with timeless style. They emphasize drawing inspiration from the local cultures of major cities, striving to create a more value-driven travel experience that resonates with both local and German cultures for contemporary travelers.

These design concepts are reflected in the lobby and hotel design style of Ruby Hotels. With a hybrid-style lobby and retro-luxury yacht-themed guest rooms, all-day dining with a focus on Western cuisine, and regular community events, Ruby Hotels creates an "City Hospitality Hub" that offers a relaxing and luxurious new experience for contemporary urban travelers and city residents.

Focusing on User Needs, Cultivating Deeper Emotions

From sensory needs to emotional needs, from sightseeing tourism to leisure vacations, travelers are transitioning from basic sightseeing desires to more experiential ones. In the era of accelerated growth in leisure travel, the new generation of consumers has an increasing demand for spiritual and emotional fulfillment. They seek greater physical and mental well-being and aim to establish tighter emotional connections with the destination, the hotel, and fellow travelers.

缔结更深情感,Ruby Hotels瑰宝酒店为旅行者打造酒店艺术圣地

In response to these changing needs, in terms of experiential requirements, Ruby Hotels consistently focuses on the core needs of travelers, creating high-quality sleep, private bathing, and audiovisual experiences. With five-star quality bedding and high-end German bathroom facilities, as well as exclusive, customized luxury bathing products, Ruby Hotels provides travelers with a luxurious and pampering experience for both body and mind. In terms of emotional connection, Ruby Hotels regularly organizes community events to establish deeper emotional connections with customers, building elements and value for more emotional connections.

With domestic leisure travel entering a period of explosive growth, domestic hotels are rapidly closing the gap with their foreign counterparts. Understanding vacationing as a lifestyle has already become a part of the culture and philosophy of life in Western developed countries like Europe and the United States.

Amidst the new dynamics of the domestic vacation market, Ruby Hotels will no longer be limited to catering to different customer segments' varying needs. Instead, they will forge deeper emotional connections with every traveler, witnessing their journey through life and growing together with them.