All-in-One Betterwood Discount Card--The Business and Leisure Travel Essential



Delonix Group is a leading international hotel group in the Asia-Pacific region, it owns a diverse portfolio of brands catering to different consumer segments' personalized consumption needs. Delonix's Betterwood is the membership system that adopt "time" as the sole value measure, it is first in the hotel industry. The latest data indicates that Betterwood's membership base has exceeded 30 million.

Under the Delonix Group's membership system, Betterwood has introduced a significant initiative by launching a discount card, the "Betterwood Card." This card aims to enhance member experience, improve service quality, and provide additional discount benefits on top of the existing five major membership privileges.

Members can purchase three different discount cards at prices of 98 RMB, 298 RMB, and 688 RMB, each offering varying degrees of discounts. These cards provide exclusive benefits, such as the ability to stay at Grand New Century, Maison New Century, Wonderland Resorts, and Grand House brands at a 50% discount for the first night after card activation. The New Discount Card achieved an impressive sales volume, surpassing 2 million in revenue.


·New Discount Card: The Fastest Way to Recover Costs

Tailored to different user habits, Betterwood introduces three types of discount cards: the Explore Card, the Stroll Card, and the Roam Card.

- Explore Card (98 RMB/quarter): Attracting new users with a minimal cost, this card offers exclusive benefits, including a 50% discount on the first hotel night, an 8.1% room discount, and a 10% dining discount.

- Stroll Card (298 RMB/year): Targeting moderate-frequency travelers, this card provides benefits similar to the Explore Card, with additional perks such as a 50% discount on new hotels, 5% off on suites, and 7.7% room discounts on reservations.

- Roam Card (688 RMB/year): Tailored for frequent travelers, this premium card offers a comprehensive set of benefits, including a 50% discount voucher for the first night, four 50% discount vouchers for new hotels, four 50% discount vouchers for suites, three 50% off self-service meals, unlimited 7.2% room discounts, unlimited 8.5% dining discounts, and complimentary afternoon tea.

Betterwood allows users who have completed three nights of stay using the Explore Card to automatically upgrade to the Stroll Card, covering all the discounts of the new card. The Roam Card, priced at 688 yuan per year, offers substantial savings and a wealth of benefits for high-frequency users.


·The Hotel Membership System 4.0 Era | Delonix's Approach

Betterwood Discount Card is another strategic push by Delonix's membership system, following its brand overhaul and the initiation of the first-ever member "Brand Month" plan. This aligns with the core principle of "user-centricity," introducing a new dimension to user experience and offering enhanced benefits.

-Strengthening User Mindset for Brand Revitalization:

Betterwood system recently underwent a comprehensive revitalization, including a name change, new slogan, and revamped benefits, reinforcing its tagline of "experiential consumption."

-Enriching User Experience with Brand Month Plan:

Betterwood has created a connected online and offline scenario for users, fostering a sense of belonging and warmth in their consumption experiences.

-Maximizing User Benefits with the Betterwood Discount Card:

The Betterwood Card is introduced after establishing the Betterwood membership points framework, it expands on member discount offerings, emphasizing long-term strategies and user-driven approaches. It follows continuous updates to the membership points system, earning praise as it embarks on the Hotel Membership System 4.0 era.

In the latter part of the hospitality industry's evolution, especially in the era of experience-driven consumption, there is a need for 4.0 products that transcend traditional norms, unlocking the genuine value of the membership system. Betterwood stands out as an innovative representative in this phase.


Looking ahead, Betterwood envisions offering even more captivating and meaningful experiences, reinforcing the idea that time spent in consumption can be a valuable currency. In the fiercely competitive landscape of hotel membership operations, Betterwood is adapting to the trends of the experience economy, emphasizing long-term strategies and user reputation. By consistently innovating and embracing this "long-termism" philosophy, Betterwood aims to lead the direction of hotel memberships development, offering not just accommodation but a gateway to an alternative and enriched lifestyle.