Delonix Group's Dedication to Paralympic Games Success



Today, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) has become a crucial indicator being referenced by governments, investors, entrepreneurs, and more. ESG comprehensively assesses a company's sustainable development capabilities on the social dimension. As an international hotel and experiential consumer group, Delonix Group has actively taken on social responsibility by creating "barrier-free" friendly hotels in recent years. Several hotels under its brand, such as Hangzhou Maison New Century Hotel and Hangzhou Grand New Century Hotel, have been included in the official reception list of the Asian Para Games.


1. Background and Experience

During the fourth edition of the Asian Para Games, Delonix Group hotels successfully completed the reception with high-quality service, earning recognition and praise from domestic and foreign guests.

Delonix's hotels have previously hosted various international events such as the Olympics and Winter Olympics, accumulating rich experience and reputation in the industry. The inclusion in the official reception hotel list for the Hangzhou Asian Para Games reaffirms Delonix's brand heritage and influence. The group will continue to focus on social development, technological progress, eco-energy conservation, environmental protection, and historical culture inheritance, aiming to innovate with humanity and value.

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2.High Standards in Reception

During the Asian Para Games, Delonix's hotels mobilized all staff, established specialized task forces and service support teams, optimized resource allocation, and improved hardware and software levels to enhance reception service details:

· Prior to the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, the group internally formulated a self-assessment checklist for hotel accessibility standards, consisting of 206 criteria covering roads, signs, accessible parking spaces for vehicles, entrances and exits, pathways, doors, accessible elevators, accessible customer service, dining areas, and meeting places.

· Hardware adjustments included converting revolving doors to swing doors, lowering reception desks, washbasins, bed heights, installing Braille-labeled elevators, adding handrails and seats in shower rooms, and installing ramps in stair locations.

· Safety measures were prioritized, such as laying small rubber strips and anti-collision strips in hallways connecting rooms, providing protection for visually impaired guests during their stay.

·Intensive training covered Asian Para Games knowledge, service language, sign language translation, and the establishment of accessible service windows, along with on-site specialists to provide timely assistance.

Delonix's efforts received praise from many guests, with wheelchair-bound guest AHMED ALHAMMADI from the United Arab Emirates expressing gratitude on the hotel's comment card, saying, "Many thanks for nice hosting and you have a good team." Guests from various language regions, including Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, and Korean, also wrote positive feedbacks expressing appreciation for the thoughtful service.


3.Empowering Disabled Individuals through Stable Employment

Beyond facility enhancements, Delonix Group has consistently employed people with disabilities, matching their skills with suitable job positions based on their abilities.

Zhang, who was Originally a maintenance worker at a local machinery factory. He became disabled due to a leg injury in an accident, making heavy work and employment challenging. Afterwards, Hangzhou Found Retreat Hotel under the group provided systematic hotel engineering training, and he successfully joined Fangwai, working as an electrician.

Zhang is not the sole case of Delonix Group's attention to the cause of disabilities. At this year's Hangzhou Asian Para Games, Xiaoxian, an employee of Shaoxing Grand New Century Hotel, served as the 102nd torchbearer. She successfully completed the torch relay while pushing a wheelchair. In fact, she was also the TA-level mixed doubles rowing champion at the 2012 London Paralympics and has received honors such as the National May Fourth Youth Award and the National Labor Award.

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Delonix Group has consistently held the view that people with disabilities are like everyone else, have equal rights to enjoy convenient services and pursue a happy life. Helping and caring for them is of significant importance to individuals and society as a whole.

In the future, Delonix Group will continue to reinforce its mission, transforming the spirit of Asian Para Games service into a powerful driving force for high-quality hotel development. It will demonstrate the responsibility and commitment of a top-tier hospitality, working together with various social groups to continually advance the cause of disability inclusion.