Ruby Hotel | The Art of Lean Luxury Living



Founded in 2013 in Germany, Ruby Hotel has quickly become one of the representative of experiential luxury, with each of its hotels weaving a unique narrative that pays homage to classic eras. At the core of Ruby Hotel's ethos is the belief that true luxury lies not in extravagant displays but in the authenticity of life's essence and the relentless exploration of intrinsic values. This Lean Luxury lifestyle hotel brand Ruby Hotels aspires to meet kindred spirits in China and collaborate to create Ruby's story in the country.

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Brand Inception - The Lean Luxury Philosophy

Ruby believes that despite the external diversity of each city, the inner vitality genes remain the same, continuously inspiring travelers to explore and discover their true selves. Therefore, behind each uniquely styled hotel is Ruby's consistent brand philosophy of Lean Luxury.

From the grandeur of RubySofie in Vienna, formerly a 19th-century music hall, to the revitalized 70s television studio charm of Ruby Lilly in Munich, each hotel embraces a unique blend of classical and contemporary expressions. Each Ruby hotel weaves its narrative from the fabric of its city, telling tales through historic buildings, winding streets, and metropolitan cores.

For Ruby, authenticity is life's greatest treasure. The Luxury endorsed by Ruby is not the extravagant appearance but the essence retained in the face of life's complexities, coupled with a spirit of constant exploration of intrinsic values. Lean, on the other hand, signifies a return to essence, eliminating unnecessary elements and taking action for genuinely valuable aspects.

Through the hotel as a spatial medium, Ruby aims to create a Lean Luxury travel space with a sense of quality, imaginative creativity, and moderation. Building upon traditional luxury hotel foundations, Ruby removes excess elements, preserving an inspirational and open-themed lobby (integrating hotel reception, café, and a 24-hour bar), exquisite and chic five-star quality private rooms, a healthy organic breakfast, and a central location that allows one to sense the pulse of the city while subtracting in other areas.

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Ruby Hotel's Distinctive Retreats

Departing from traditional star-rated room designs, Ruby Hotel draws inspiration from luxury yachts, polishing details for a quality and stylish, yet intimate, elegant, and vibrant room experience. White, solid wood and brightness characterize these rooms, in sharp contrast to the distinctive and colorful public areas. Tranquility liveliness, simplicity, and splendor harmoniously coexist in the wonderful world built by Ruby.

The five-star quality bedding, imported skincare and fragrance series Ruby Care, and German-brand bathrooms in the rooms create moments of pleasure for urban, new-generation travelers. Each room is equipped with a Marshall sound system to meet the demand for playing personal music at any time.

Ruby Hotel aims to provide what travelers desire—fresh, healthy, and organic. Ruby Hotel selects ingredients based on international dining standards while adding unique local flavors to make light meals distinctive. The open shared office area, combining reading areas, exhibition spaces, and shared office spaces, often echoes the hotel's design style with a theme gallery, adorned with elements of city history, taking you back to classic eras.


The Rapid Development of Ruby Hotels

Ruby Hotels as the Lean Luxury lifestyle hotel brand from Germany. Founded in 2013 in Germany, Ruby hotel has been steadily operating multiple hotels across European countries. Each Ruby hotel has a unique story, paying tribute to classic eras of urban times. Ruby excels in telling stories through space, presenting 24-hour Ruby CAFÉ BARs (boutique bar-style lobbies) that are avant-garde and vibrant, inspired by classic European eras, and guest rooms that reflect the luxury of vintage yachts.

As part of the German luxury brand, it is precisely from the insight into the trend of new consumer groups that Ruby Hotels, driven by innovative Betterwood membership systems, professional internet technology systems, forward-looking mid-office business systems, and commercial development systems worldwide, has constructed a new generation lifestyle brand.


Ruby Hotel stands as a testament to the fusion of Lean Luxury philosophy and innovative business strategies. With its unique storytelling, distinctive design, and commitment to authenticity, Ruby has not only found its niche in the hospitality industry but has also become a symbol of experiential luxury. As Ruby and Delonix Group continue their journey of mutual achievement, the world can expect more groundbreaking developments for the Lean Luxury living hospitality.