MJ Hotel's Winning Formula with Its "Brand-First Approach"



The hotel industry has undergone significant changes, according to the 'China Hotel Industry Development Report' released by the China Hotel Association. The number of accommodation facilities has decreased by 59,000 due to the pandemic, with the largest reduction seen in economy hotels, while the scale of mid- to high-end hotels such as MJ hotel has increased. Increasing evidence suggests that consumers are shifting from economy hotels to mid- to high-end hotels. Hotel brands are also initiating a new round of product upgrades to cater to the diverse consumption needs of emerging consumer groups.

For hotel brands, the ability to provide high value consistently to investors is crucial, whether in a golden age or a challenging period. As a representative brand in the mid-to-high-end hotel sector, MJ Hotel, with its long-established brand advantage and keen insight into the consumer market, has strategically positioned itself and optimized its investment model, maintaining a stable and robust development.


The Rise of MJ Hotel

There are three crucial factors contributing to the rapid development of MJ Hotel in the surge of mid-to-high-end hotels:

1. The Brand-First Approach:

MJ Hotel, under the Delonix Group, adopts a leading 'brand-first' Philosophy. The Delonix Group refines and focuses its hotel brands, creating three high-end resort series brands—Found Retreat, Grant House, and Wonderland Resorts, along with the classic sister brands Grand New Century and Maison New Century. The national-style brand, MJ Hotel, is tailored to the standardization and rapid replication demands of the new generation of travelers.

Inspired by the color palette of the painting 'Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains' by the Song Dynasty artist Wang Ximeng, the brand incorporates color elements to create a memorable brand identity. The room design features Song Dynasty wall paintings as decorations, providing a perfect balance and a sense of space, akin to traditional Chinese Xuan paper paintings.

The modular construction approach in space design reduces complexity and costs while enhancing quality and efficiency. The intelligent upgrades in MJ Hotel rooms focus on improving guest experience and operational efficiency, such as the integration of the RCU guest control system and the adoption of three-network integration for phone, TV, and wireless networks.

The brand standards and supply chain system of MJ Hotel have undergone a comprehensive upgrade, enhancing the overall product experience. To ensure the quality of guests' sleep, the MJ Hotel rooms features a 28cm thick zero-pressure spring mattress, soft-to-the-touch bed linen. The bath products chosen are exclusively customized for the MJ Hotel, extracting the effects of tea to remedy skin quality, injecting customers with a healthy and pure charming glow. For the tea sachets, a contemporary Chinese-style brand with higher recognition among consumers, ChaLi, has been selected. To recreate the Song Dynasty tea ceremony's colors and flavors, traditional methods are employed, selecting fresh and tender tea buds and leaves from the top of the tea plant, using steam to halt oxidation, followed by rolling and drying to restore the pure essence of tea leaves.


2. High-End Operation’s DNA:

MJ Hotel, as the largest single brand under the Delonix Group, possesses inherent high-end quality. The Delonix Group, with over 1,000 hotels and more than 160,000 rooms, ranks 16th globally among hotel groups. The extensive experience in high-end hotel markets, combined with a standardized operational system, allows MJ Hotel to effectively navigate high-end operations and offer a mature and diversified product.

The group's success in deepening high-end market penetration allows for a flexible approach to high-end hotel brand operations. Leveraging centralized procurement capabilities and supply chain advantages, MJ Hotel demonstrates stronger cost advantages in material selection and cost-effective construction.


3. Core Competencies in Brand, Membership, and Technology:

Following the 'brand-first' philosophy, Delonix empowers MJ Hotel by aligning with consumer values, developing resonant services and experiences, and constructing a user-centric product.

Delonix uses online operations to generate private domain traffic and explore new sales channels for its hotels. Private domain traffic contributes significantly to MJ Hotel's marketing efforts. Whether it's ordering room service, booking local experiences, or customizing room settings, MJ Hotel prioritizes convenience and personalization.


MJ Hotel's success in the mid-to-high-end hotel segment can be attributed to its commitment to brand excellence, high-end operational capabilities, and the support of core competencies in brand, membership, and technology. The upgraded and revitalized MJ Hotel has surpassed 300 locations, with a strategic presence in both first and second-tier markets as well as rapid expansion in third and fourth-tier markets.