Instructions on the Use of Betterwood


1、 Who is the Baida Galaxy?

The Baida Galaxy is a membership system launched by the Debo Group based on spatiotemporal experience.

Dehou Group is a leading high-end hotel group in the world, with over 1000 hotels under its umbrella. Its business operations include hotels, catering, script killing, airport lounges, and more.

We have

High end resort hotel brands such as Fangwai, Guantang, Fangcao Resort Hotel, CANARY Canary, etc;

National style business hotel brands such as Kaiyuan Mingdu, Kaiyuan Mingting, and Manju;

Lifestyle brands such as Ruby Treasure, Yiju, MORA SPACE Mura, etc;

To become a member of Baida Galaxy, you can enjoy all the Brand equity of Deyu Group.


2、 Membership and membership level

In Baida Galaxy, members are 'interstellar Edifier'

Starting from the earth (initial level), going to the moon, Mars, Neptune, Baida (different levels)

And the vaster stars of the future

PS: Membership level does not require relegation


3、 Member Points and Accumulation Rules

In the Baida Galaxy, 'Time Value' will be used as member points

Members can accumulate 'time value' every moment they spend in the Baida Galaxy (staying in hotels, playing storytelling, dining in stores).

By accumulating time values to a certain level, one can successfully start the next planet.

PS: Time value never resets


4、 Five major rights and interests

1. APP with the best price

Under the same booking conditions, members of Baida Galaxy have the 'best guarantee' for booking prices through the official channels of Baida Galaxy.

2. Stay 10 nights for 1 night

Members of Baida Galaxy can use the hotel reservation interface to consume 7000 usable time points and redeem for one night (limited time benefit) of the operating brand hotels under the Dojo brand

3. Free refund and modification

Members of Baida Galaxy can book hotels through the official app. If they do not check in at 24:00 on the day of arrival, they can receive free refunds and changes

4. No need for classification

The membership level of Baida Galaxy only increases without decreasing, and the membership level is permanently retained.

5. Points do not expire

The 'time value' (points) generated by offline space experiences for members of Baida Galaxy do not expire.

5、 Hundred Kinds of Magic Treasures

In the Baida Galaxy, we have carefully prepared a 'treasure bag' for all members

Treasure Mall (within the official app and mini program of Baida Galaxy), we have prepared a hundred samples of treasures

Room discounts, room upgrades, free breakfast, elegant tea and tea, natural fishing, specialty coffee, everything you need

Put what you like into your 'treasure bag'!

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